Breathe new life into your conservatory with the benefits of a CosyRoof conversion

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Advantages of a CosyRoof conversion

The possibilities to transform your living space are endless but the facts are important, here’s why a conservatory roof conversion makes sense.

CosyRoofTraditional Conservatory
Retains warmth in winter months thanks to quality insulation
Keeps temperatures cool on sunny days, even in direct sunlight
Eradicates leaks that are common with traditional polycarbonate roofs
Reduces outside noise travel
Eliminates issues with glare that are often experienced with glass and traditional polycarbonate roofs
Reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance
Gives you peace of mind with a 10 year guarantee
Designed and tested to the standards demanded by the JHAI

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A living space for all seasons

A CosyRoof conversion is highly insulated to provide a warm temperature in winter and a cooler one in summer. Not only this, but they’re also highly energy efficient and come with full building regs. Providing homeowners with a year long living space… and cheaper energy bills!

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Customise the style to suit your home

Choose from a range of roof tile options to match your new conservatory roof to the rest of your home. CosyRoof can convert all shapes and sizes of conservatory roofs, simply contact us and a member of our customer care team will be happy to chat you through the options available.

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Key features and benefits

Here’s a quick summary of the features and benefits you can expect when you install a new conservatory roof with CosyRoof.

Temperature control

Our insulated roofing system will maintain a pleasant climate in your conservatory all year round.

Speedy installation

CosyRoof conversions are completed within 1-3 days by conservatory roof replacement specialists.

Built to last

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year work guarantee and 40-year roof tile guarantee.

Energy efficient

Save energy and money thanks to reduced heating costs.

Noise Reduction

CosyRoof tiles reduce external noise travel, no more loud rain drops on your conservatory roof!

Minimise Sun Glare

No need to fit blinds or drapes, sun glare is minimised.

Completely Bespoke

Built to your exact requirements.

Finance Available

Spread the cost.