Privacy Policy

CosyRoof care about users and their information. We do not share our clients information with any external resource.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer from websites to help you interact with the website. Web pages don’t have memory so they use your computers memory to store types of information aimed at improve you experience. It is like your front door key to the website when you return.

What is a session cookie?

Session cookies prevent you getting seen as a new visitor when you move around a website. A session cookie is life only while you are engaging with the webiste.

How do I manage cookies?

More information on managing your privacy through cookies can be found here

We use This tracks users coming to our website and helps us understand how people interact with us while saving any preferences you may have set on our website. You can read more directly at

I trust CosyRoof but how do I protect my computer in general?

We urge users to always ensure their antivirus is up to date. Use a a trusted firewall and make sure you have email virus protection. Phishing is also a big thing where viruses and hacks try to get your personal information and passwords from you device.

If you cover all these you should have a safer experience.