10 Ways To Use Your Conservatory

10 ways to use your conservatory

So you’ve had a conservatory roof conversion and now have a usable room all year round but the big question is – what are you going to use that room for?

CosyRoof don’t just convert conservatories, we also convert your way of thinking about conservatories too! Check out our top ’10 Ways to Use Your Conservatory’ for inspiration on how you can make the most of that additional space…

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #10 – Greenhouse

A greenhouse was the original purpose of a conservatory so why not stick to tradition and use it for this purpose? With its’ climate control qualities, a conservatory with a CosyRoof would be the ideal space to nourish and nurture your plants.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #9 - Children's Playroom

Fed up of tripping over trikes, trucks and teddies? Or finding felt tip pen on your sofa cushions? Then use your conservatory as a playroom for the kids!

Give them their own designated play area where they can enjoy hours of fun out of the way and where you can keep the ever growing set of toys they have.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #8 - Bedroom

Why not turn your conservatory into an extra bedroom? Everyone could do with a guest bedroom for when the extended family come to stay, or when the children want to have a sleepover.

With a CosyRoof guaranteeing your conservatory to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, it's the ideal space for another bedroom.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #7 - Dining Room

Turning your conservatory into a dining room allows you that 'al fresco' dining experience without worrying about the UK weather.

Whether you use it every evening for family dinners or on special occasions such as Christmas and Birthdays when you're feeding the extended family, turning your conservatory into a dining room is a great (and very popular) idea!

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #6 - Kitchen

Kitchen too cramped to cook? Why not expand it to the conservatory!

Using a conservatory as a kitchen is a popular choice and a great space saver. It also takes care of those not-so-pleasant cooking smells that lingered around the house before.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #5 - Storage Space

You can never have too much storage!A conservatory can be a great space to store away the kids toys when they've finished playing. It can also be a great space for book shelves and DVD/CD racks too.

Some people choose to use their conservatory as a bit of a display cabinet - a place to store and showcase their family pictures, their medals and trophies, their certificates of achievement etc.

Alternatively, a conservatory can be a great place to hide your ironing or washing out of view of visitors! (shusss, we won't tell anyone...)

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #4 - Office Space

Need office space? Look no further than your conservatory! Maybe you're self employed, operating a business from your own home or just have the luxury of working from home on the odd occasion. Whatever you're employment status, turning your conservatory into an office could be a very productive idea!

Using your conservatory as an office allows you to separate your work life from your home life. It provides you with a quiet space to hold meetings and conference calls.

And when it's not being used as your office, it can be a great homework/study area for the children too!

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #3 - Relaxation Room

This is one for the mums! Turn your conservatory into your own little den for some quality 'me' time. Fill it with comfy textiles, aromatherapy candles, books and magazines and relax in the peace and quiet under a CosyRoof.

A conservatory is a popular room to enjoy some relaxation - a little escape haven for those times when you need to 'get out of the house'.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #2 - Bachelor Pad

This is one for the dads! Turning your conservatory into a bachelor pad is a popular choice and will certainly make you one of the lads...

Fill your conservatory with a pool table, a dart board, some plasma screens, a mini fridge full of alcoholic beverages and voila...instant 'cool' status.

Ways to Use Your Conservatory: #1 - Swimming Pool

Ok so it's a little bit out there and nothing but a dream to most of us but it is possible..