Bring Spring To Your Conservatory

Bring spring to your conservatory

Spring has finally sprung in the UK but the typically British climate means we don’t often have the chance to get outside and enjoy it. So why not bring the outside in?

Experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own conservatory by giving it a fresh feel with botanical prints, floral accessories and some au natural additions.

Wicker / Cane Furniture

Add a little bit of nature to your conservatory, starting with wicker or cane furniture. There are some great, hard-wearing Rattan pieces on the market today in a variety of colours. Choose wicker for your entire furniture collection within the conservatory or simply add signature pieces such as coffee tables, storage baskets or foot stools.

Botanical Print Décor

Inject some beautiful blooms in your conservatory this spring through botanical prints on curtains, blinds & wallpapers. A floral print on blinds will block out any harsh sun glare whilst still injecting a pretty glow within the conservatory. Adding paper with a fine botanical print can add warmth to conservatory walls or why not go all out with a bright, bold motif on a feature wall to add some serious oomph!

Floral Floors

Living in Great Britain, we can’t always walk barefoot along side Mother Nature – unless of course you bring ‘Mother Nature’ home. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the soft texture of a floral print rug or a faux grass mat on your feet.

Conservatory Plants

You could quite literally bring the outdoors indoors and create a beautiful garden room to immerse yourself in. Delicate snowdrops, vibrant tulips or a pastel coloured crocus would make the ideal plant for a cooler conservatory whilst a Hibiscus plant, an exotic African Violet or a plant pot full of Bromeliads would be the perfect addition to a warmer conservatory and induce a tropical rainforest feel. Adding a climber such as Jasminum can also spring your conservatory into style!

Blooming Accessories

If you’re the ‘could kill a cactus’ type, you could always cheat by adding vases of artificial flowers to your conservatory or introduce flowers via accessories. Adorn you’re conservatory furniture with floral print cushions, protect your coffee table with floral print coasters or display cherished family photos in ornate floral frames.

There’s a multitude of ways to create a fresh, feminine, floral feel to your conservatory this spring so take our ideas and run with them – you’ll have a bloomin’ beautiful conservatory in no time!