Can I Turn My Conservatory Into A Bedroom?

Can I turn my conservatory into a bedroom

Short answer? Yes! A conservatory can make a fantastic extra bedroom. It works especially well as a ‘sleepover room’ if you have young children who want their friends to stay, or perhaps as a spare room if you have guests of family members coming to visit.

That said, it’s not quite as easy as dragging a bed into your conservatory, adding some nice curtains and saying ‘voila!’

Converting your conservatory into a bedroom requires a bit of planning and forethought – especially if you’re thinking about transforming it into a permanent bedroom space that someone will sleep in every day of the year.

There’s a lot to think about and often a few significant practical measures to take before you can dive right in and get decorating your exciting new sleeping space.


Conservatories are built to be air and water tight to protect against the elements when winter takes hold. This does however mean that they are often not well ventilated.

As a result you might notice that your conservatory accumulates a lot of condensation which can contribute to dangerous damp and mould, making it practically uninhabitable for almost half the year and totally inappropriate to use as a bedroom.

If this sounds familiar, you may need to consider a conservatory roof conversion if you want to use the space as a bedroom.

At CosyRoof, our conservatory roofs are plastered and insulated to regulate the temperature year-round and prevent condensation. This means the room will be more comfortable and much safer, removing the risk of chest and lung illnesses attributed to damp and mould.

Read our blog about condensation in conservatories to find out more tips to improve ventilation.

Heating and Insulation

Similarly, heating can be an issue. Due to poor ventilation and insulation in conservatories, they can end up being way too hot in the summer but freezing in the winter. This means they can be difficult and expensive to heat, with most people resorting to using electric heaters to keep the space warm.

Converting to a CosyRoof will, again, help solve this problem and make your conservatory more fuel efficient, as the proper insulation makes it possible to retain the heat that would otherwise escape through a glass ceiling.

Double or triple glazing your conservatory windows will also help keep heat in. You may also want to think about draft excluding and perhaps fitting a thermal underlay beneath your flooring to stop heat escaping from there too.

For more tips on heating your conservatory, read our blog about keeping your conservatory warm in the winter.


Most of us like our bedrooms to be silent and peaceful at night, so if you’re turning your conservatory into a bedroom you’ll need to take noise into consideration.

Most conservatories are made of glass or polycarbonate which aren’t exactly sound proof materials. So, if your conservatory is close to a noisy main road, or an area where people tend to gather at night, it might not be the best idea to try and use it as a bedroom.

And in the UK, we unfortunately have to acknowledge the weather too. If you’ve ever spent a rainy afternoon in your conservatory you’ll know the incredible noise it makes. And while some might find it relaxing, others will not be happy to sleep through a torrential downpour pounding down

on the glass conservatory roof.

At CosyRoof, rain noise is one of the most common complaints we hear when consulting with new customers and thankfully our roofs are made up of layers that not only weatherproof your conservatory, but also eliminate rain noise too.

Read our blog about eliminating rain noise from your conservatory for more top tips.


One of the benefits of having a conservatory is the light it brings to your home. But if you’re thinking about turning it into a bedroom this could be a drawback due to the glare and sunlight that creeps through in the early summer mornings.

To aid this, you might want to think about fitting some good quality black-out blinds and curtains. If this is ineffective, a tiled CosyRoof will stop the blinding sun coming through the ceiling and make the light more manageable.


Security should be at the forefront of your mind if you’re thinking about turning your conservatory into a permanently inhabited bedroom. When a conservatory is easy to see into, you should avoid keeping valuable items in sight to prevent opportunist theft.

Ensure that your conservatory is sufficiently locked and if necessary, you might want to think about having an alarm fitted.

If you want to turn your conservatory into a bedroom, get in touch with us to discuss converting to a Cosyroof to make the transition.