“Pay cheap pay twice” - Choose your conservatory roof replacement wisely

Cosy Roof complete roof replacement vs cheap panel style alternatives

Why Choosing a Complete Conservatory Roof Replacement is Worth the Investment

As a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure any improvements you make to your home will make a real difference and last the test of time.

When it comes to replacing your conservatory roof, the decision-making process can be overwhelming, especially with the multitude of budget-friendly alternatives now flooding the market that promise they can solve the problem for half the price.

Let’s delve into the critical differences between a complete CosyRoof replacement and cheaper alternatives such as panels, one-man bands, or interior ceiling products.

We are proud to say that we do not offer alternative products to our CosyRoof system – while we could take more of the market by offering alternatives – we truly believe in our system and do not want to sell our customers an inferior product. Investing in quality from the start is not only a wise decision but a cost-effective one in the long run.

The Pitfalls of Cheap Alternatives:

Limited Insulation:

One of the primary drawbacks of opting for cheaper alternatives is their often-subpar insulation properties. Inadequate insulation can lead to temperature fluctuations, making your conservatory extremely uncomfortable throughout the year. Too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer.

You are already experiencing this problem if you have a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof that you are considering replacing.

You want to be able to turn your unused conservatory into a comfortable space that you can enjoy all year. You want to be able to make it into a dining space, a children’s playroom, a guest room or home office. If you choose an inferior system, you may find the problem is not solved, the issues remain, and the room still fails to meet your needs.

Our CosyRoof system is designed with 8 layers and advanced insulation technology, ensuring a comfortable living space year-round. With a U-Value 0f just 0.17 we surpass many of our competitors. Before signing a contract with anyone make sure you know what U-value they can provide. The lower the number the better the insulation. For reference a polycarbonate roof may have a U-Value of 2.4/m2k while some of our competitors offer 0.29 for a similar price to us. Be sure to check the details.

Short-Term Aesthetics:

Cheap alternatives may initially seem appealing, but the allure tends to fade quickly as wear and tear become evident. Interior panels may discolour, warp, or deteriorate over time, requiring frequent maintenance and replacements. A CosyRoof replacement, crafted with durable materials and a sleek design, not only enhances the interior and exterior aesthetic of your conservatory but also stands the test of time, minimizing the need for constant upkeep. Every new conservatory roof installed by Cosyroof comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee from Quality Assured National Warranties and the solid roof tiles used have their own 40-year guarantee.

Limited Customization:

CosyRoof offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the replacement to match your unique style and preferences. Cheaper alternatives, however, often come in a one-size-fits-all approach, limiting your ability to create a truly personalized space. Investing in a CosyRoof replacement ensures that your conservatory becomes a seamless extension of your home, reflecting your individual taste and lifestyle. Choose from over 30 tiling options to ensure your CosyRoof matches the rest of your house. We can add spotlights, a beam, or roof windows to create the desired effect. We can even work with your stove fitter should you want a wood burner added to the room.

Limited experience & unkept promises:

Many of our competitors are new to the market and don’t have the experience of our surveyors and fitters, this can lead to costly mistakes. As market leaders we’ve been replacing conservatory roofs Nationwide for over 10 years. Our fitting teams are experts at what they do having completed over 10,000 roofs throughout the UK & Ireland. With our 10-year insurance backed guarantee you can trust CosyRoof should any problems arise which require repair. Many smaller companies will have come and gone in this time and become uncontactable. We are rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot with over 850 reviews on the site.

What will you get with CosyRoof?

Superior Durability:

When it comes to replacing your conservatory roof, durability is key. CosyRoof is engineered with top-quality materials that resist weathering, fading, and deterioration over time. By choosing CosyRoof, you're making a lasting investment that will stand strong against the elements, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

A truly Cosy Space:

Let’s get cosy! Many of customers are so cosy they can make their space open plan. With a CosyRoof as warm as the rest of their home they are able to use the space to the full. Hosting dinner parties, watching the children play while they are busy in the kitchen, or having a dedicated area to work from home.

CosyRoof is the complete solution:

Putting insulation into the ceiling with out replacing the exterior of the roof may only solve half of the problems typically experienced with traditional conservatory roofs. For example while sun glare may be reduced, rain noise will be just as loud.

Add value to your home:

Our sleek tiled exterior looks the part and becomes a seamless extension of your home – adding both kerb appeal and long term value.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

CosyRoof sets the standard for energy efficiency, providing superior insulation (a u-value of just 0.17) that helps regulate temperature, reduce energy consumption, and ultimately lower your utility bills. While cheap alternatives may seem like a cost-effective choice initially, the long-term savings associated with improved energy efficiency make a complete CosyRoof replacement the smarter financial decision.

Comprehensive Warranty:

Unlike budget-friendly alternatives that may come with limited warranties, every CosyRoof has a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, offering you protection and assurance. This warranty not only speaks to the confidence in the product's quality but also provides added value for your investment.

Customer satisfaction:

We are rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot. We’ve completed over 10,000 CosyRoofs throughout the UK & Ireland. Many of our customers are so pleased they have recommended friends and family.

No gimmicks & no pushy sales tactics:

Many of our competitors will offer time pressured discounts to encourage you to sign a contract immediately, overinflate prices to offer massive seasonal reductions, or strange offers if you display a sign outside your property to promote their company. We won’t leave you confused about the true cost - we don’t try any of these tactics. The price quoted by our sales surveyor is the best we can offer at this time.

In the world of conservatory roof replacements, the old adage holds true: "pay cheap, pay twice." By choosing a complete conservatory roof replacement with CosyRoof, you're not only elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your living space but making a wise investment that pays off in terms of durability, energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings. Don't settle for temporary solutions – choose CosyRoof for a conservatory that stands the test of time.