Conservatory Climate Control

Too hot in the summer…then far too cold in the winter, keeping your conservatory comfortable all year round can be a difficult balance!

You’ve tried everything to keep your conservatory cool in the summer, blinds to block the sun, leaving windows and doors open, rearranging furniture, but it’s still just too hot to handle. It feels like sitting in a greenhouse – not an enjoyable experience, one you’d rather avoid.

The winter is worse again, the opposite extreme – its baltic, a fleecy blanket and a portable heater don't stand a chance at making this place cosy.

Topping it off the condensation and leaks have turned your conservatory into more of a junk space, a nuisance – a feature you thought you would enjoy is just a waste of space.

Climate control problems? - We have a solution!

Have you heard of CosyRoof?

We replace polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs with an insulated lightweight tiled roof – turning your conservatory into a beautiful sunroom you can use all year round.

CosyRoof is unique – a proper roof with far superior insulating properties, temperature control will never be an issue again. Download our brochure to learn more about our thermal properties and advanced 8-layer roofing system. It’s weatherproof, breathable and has a U-Value of just 0.17.

A CosyRoof conversion transforms that climate-challenged conservatory into a cosy room you can use any time, for anything. The extra space can now be used as a dining room, bedroom, home office or whatever else you have in mind. Here are some common ways our customers are using their CosyRoof conversion.

More reasons to choose CosyRoof

- 10-year guarantee for peace of mind

- We’ve over 10,000 happy customers across the UK and Ireland

- Energy efficient, retain heat and reduce heating costs

- Completed in just 1 – 3 days

Transform your climate-challenged conservatory into a sunroom with CosyRoof.

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