How To Add ‘Hygge’ to Your Conservatory

How to add hygge to your conservatory

With a name like CosyRoof, you can probably guess that we’re all about the cosiness.

We believe your conservatory should be a snug, comfortable and inviting room that you want to spend time in. That’s why we’re loving this year’s biggest home and interiors buzzword – ‘Hygge’.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue gah’) is a Danish concept and a popular Scandinavian way of living. As Danish people are known around the world for being the happiest and most content people, ‘Hygge’ is slowly but surely infiltrating UK culture to become an emerging trend.

Like all of the best words, it doesn’t have any direct translation in English but it is the equivalent of that cosy feeling you get when you’re relaxed in front of a roaring fire, underneath a blanket, in your comfiest pyjamas with a nice hot drink, a good book and absolutely no distractions.

Every one’s own version of Hygge will be different but it simply embodies the notion of creating a nice warm atmosphere in which to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Bringing Hygge To Your Conservatory – 5 Ideas

1. Blankets, Cushions And Comfort

An immediate way to inject Hygge into your conservatory is to kit it out with an abundance of warm fluffy blankets and cushions. Texture and softness can add unmistakable comfort to a room, especially in autumn and winter.

2. Sweet Scent-sations

It’s around this time of year that all those gorgeous candle shops pop up, emitting their glorious festive scents. We all know the power of a good scented candle; not only does it fragrance a room but the warm glow of a candle is incredibly relaxing. There’s a reason why the Danish are the largest consumers of candles in the world per capita.

3. Musical Magic

Hygge really is about awakening all the senses, so when you’re spending some time in your conservatory, why not play some music? We’re not talking heavy metal or pounding dance tunes, but something soft, low and melodic that you can sit and appreciate in silence, in your stress-free sanctuary.

4. Create A Routine

If you make a point of spending a little bit of uninterrupted, self-indulgent ‘me-time’ in your conservatory every day, you’ll soon start to see it as your own special ‘Hygge space’ that you look forward to enjoying. They say it takes 30 consecutive days of practice to form a concrete routine, so start spending time in your conservatory today and within a month, it should be your favourite spot in the home.

5. The Simple Things

As Hygge is about the simple pleasures in life, if your conservatory is to take on this feeling, it has to include some of your favourite things. Put some of your best loved possessions, ornaments and photos in your conservatory to make it feel more welcoming and homely.

6. Invite friends

Hygge isn’t just exclusive to alone time; friends, family and good conversation are Hygge too. Invite some friends around or take some time out in the evening with your family in your conservatory. Enjoy some food, drinks and the kind of good chat that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Make sure your conservatory is equipped for Hygge

Hygge is cosiness and to achieve this feeling, your conservatory needs to be physically equipped for it. If your conservatory is poorly ventilated, it will be impossible to cultivate Hygge. If that’s the case, you might want to consider converting to a CosyRoof. Read more about our conservatory roof conversions.