How To Get Your Conservatory Ready For Spring

How to get your conservatory ready for spring

Preparing Your Conservatory For Spring - 5 Great Tips

The days are getting a little bit longer, the cold spells are slowly disappearing and Christmas seems like a very distant memory… which means Spring is well and truly on its way.

Before we know it, the temperature will be in the double digits and we’ll be spending more time in our conservatories, as it’s often the best room in the house for soaking up the sunshine and admire the good weather. So, is your conservatory ready for the excitement of the new season?

If you still have some prep to do, here are our top tips forgetting your conservatory ready for the Spring months.

Give it a good old Spring clean

Nothing gets you more in the mood for the new season than a big Spring clean. It revitalizes your home and makes you feel more comfortable in your living space.

Your conservatory should get just as much (if not MORE) attention than any other room in your house when you’re doing your annual Spring clean. Dust, dirt and even spots of mould can accumulate over the winter months which will need attention.

You’ll also want to clear out any winter-specific furniture from your conservatory, such as cosy pillows are big fluffy blankets that just won’t be seasonally appropriate once winter has passed.

The greatest benefit from giving your conservatory a Spring clean, however, is the peace of mind it offers. Once you’ve got it in a tip top condition that you’re proud of, you’ll be much more excited about spending time in it.

Add some plants

The addition of plants can transform your conservatory from a winter wonderland into a summer paradise. They make the space look immediately brighter, more colourful and airy and – if you choose wisely with your plants, they may even add a lovely pleasant scent.

When it comes to choosing plants for your conservatory, you will have to do some research – as the kind of plants you keep will be determined largely from the type/structure of your conservatory. For example if you have a conservatory with all glass surfaces where it’s difficult to control heating and tends to be very warm in the summer, you may be restricted to more exotic blooms.

However, if you have a well insulated conservatory (one with a CosyRoof – for example), you’ll have a lot more options when it comes to selecting plant life; you’ll have a wider choice of tibouchinas, cordylines, clivias, aspidistras and gorgeous succulents.


Nothing will make your conservatory seem more fresh and new than a spot of redecorating. You don’t have to go for a total revamp, but adding some small decorative touches can give the room a boost for spring. You can update the furniture entirely or go subtle with new cushions, ornaments and picture frames in bright neutral colours that are classic and will stand the test of time.

When it comes to redecorating, if want want to spend a considerable amount, it’s always best to avoid new or modern interior trends, as it will be much better value to buy items that you can bring out every Spring.

New blinds

A conservatory is often the best room in the house during the spring and summer months as the large amount of glass adds more sunlight. However, when it gets really bright the glare can sometimes be too much to bare.

To avoid too much sunlight, invest in a good set of blinds that you can easily pull down, open or close when you need to.

If you need more advice, read our previous blog with tips for choosing the perfect conservatory blinds.

Get cosy

And finally, if you want a conservatory that’s perfect for every season, get a CosyRoof. In just 2-3 days we can convert your conservatory roof into a solid, tiled one which is properly insulated and heating controlled to stop it getting too warm or too cold.

Our conservatory roofs significantly reduce sun glare which can remove the need to invest in expensive light controlling blinds. This gives you a lot more freedom to choose blinds and decorate your conservatory in a way that you like.

CosyRoof offers the best value when it comes to converting your conservatory roof. We operate across the UK and Ireland. To find out more, get a FREE quote today.