How to make your conservatory more energy efficient

How to make your conservatory more energy efficient 1

Conservatories by nature are not an energy efficient space – with all round windows including the roof there is a lot of space for your precious heat to escape. For many it’s best to close the conservatory off from the rest of the house in autumn and accept it as an unusable cold space for most of the year. What a waste of space!

If you could actually use your conservatory, you could gain a whole new room; a home office, gym, playroom for the kids or hobby space for anything from crafting to playing an instrument.

The best way to improve the energy efficiency of your conservatory is to replace the roof with an insulated roof. A CosyRoof transforms your conservatory it into a proper room which you can use without the need to put on a coat and hat!

How does a CosyRoof compare to other methods?

A CosyRoof has far superior thermal properties. U-value measures how well a building component heats the inside of a structure. The lower the U- value, the less heat is lost. A CosyRoof has a U-Value of just 0.17. Vastly exceeding that of a glass, polycarbonate roof or thermal blinds.

The CosyRoof system is unique, constructed with eight layers for durability and weatherproofing. The fully installed ceiling consists of 75mm of insulation between the rafters, 9.5mm thick plasterboard, 3mm of bonding and 3mm of finished plaster – all of which provides excellent thermal properties. A CosyRoof conversion transforms that climate-challenged conservatory into a cosy room you can use any time and save on ever growing heating bills too.

But does it really work?

Don’t just take our word for it the reviews speak for themselves! We are rated Excellent on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8. Our customers are amazed by how they can now enjoy their conservatory all year round, even on the coldest days.

Many customers are so impressed with the comfort of their CosyRoof that they’ve been able to open up their living space removing French doors and making the conservatory central to their home.

Check out how some of our customers are now using their conservatory as a cosy space.
This customer has even added a multifuel burner to really max out the cosy vibes.

These customers conservatories are now so cosy they can enjoy the space even on Christmas Day.

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