How to Stop Rain Noise and Sun Glare on your Conservatory Roof

How to stop rain noise and sun glare

In the conservatory business, we’ve met countless customers who have specifically asked us how they can stop the rain noise and sun glare on their conservatory roofs that makes their conservatories virtually unusable for the majority of the year. The explanation behind this is simple: conventional clear-roofed systems have few insulating properties leaving their structures vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and intense sunlight. This is where we come in.

At CosyRoof, we understand the intricacies of roofing. It was this knowledge that led to the creation of our unique service which prevents rain noise and sun glare on your conservatory roof. While our weather leaves a lot to be desired; our roofing doesn’t. At the centre of our business is an understanding of our national weather system and how it can affect roofing and, in turn, our experiences within the home. In Britain and Ireland, we love the luxury of the conservatory space but unfortunately do not have the luxury weather to necessarily suit it.

Recognising the limitations of standard conservatory roofing, CosyRoof created a unique system that transforms that climate-challenged conservatory into a cosy room. By stopping rain noise and sun glare, the conservatory space automatically becomes much more usable throughout the entire year, giving you true comfort in your home.

How do we prevent rain noise and sun glare? CosyRoof’s originality lies in the actual structure of our roofing. Aside from being visually stunning, our fully tested roofing system uses high performance materials throughout, ensuring high quality insulation and temperature control; two problems which the common conservatory often encounters. Whatever the season, we can regulate the room temperature to provide you with the perfect conditions for relaxing.

As one particular customer commented: “The horrific noise when it rained made our conservatory unusable. I contacted five companies about a roof with velux windows. Four tried to talk me out of it. Only the CosyRoof surveyor said it was possible.” This complaint is frequent and while we can’t stop the rain from falling or the sun from shining, we can provide a solution to their adverse effects. Unlike traditional companies who use glass and polycarbonate roofs - non immune from the outside elements - our tiling is made up of layers, all designed to effectively weatherproof your conservatory. To summarise: we use eight layers for durability and weatherproofing, placed atop breathable felt and lathe. The fully installed ceiling consists of 75mm of insulation between the rafters, 9.5mm thick plasterboard, 3mm of bonding and 3mm of finished plaster - all of which provides excellent thermal properties.

CosyRoof has been firmly established as the UK’s leading conservatory climate control specialists covering the whole of the UK and ROI. A CosyRoof conservatory transformation means quality that lasts and lasts. No sticking-plaster or halfway house fix, but a durable long-term solution that can significantly reduce the occurrence of rain noise and sun glare, giving you less annoyance and more enjoyment in the home.

We believe the conservatory is a sacred place within the home that provides a sense of peace and serenity that other rooms can not. By fully protecting the space from the distractions of the outside world, we can help maximise your experience and give you the room you’ve always dreamed of.