How to turn your conservatory into a room – real examples from our customers.

How to turn your conservatory into a room Real customer pictures

Often conservatories become the “junk room” of the house – to hot to enjoy in the summer, and too cold to be comfortable in the winter, a wasted space and often a burden to maintain. A CosyRoof transforms the space into a proper room that can be used comfortably all year round. Cosy in winter, cooler in summer. Converting your conservatory with an insulated CosyRoof is a great and cost effective way to gain more space at home quickly; taking just 2- 3 days to complete.

Check out how our customers are using their CosyRoof conversions.

The perfect playroom

We love how this conservatory has been transformed into a safe and beautiful playroom. In the summer a traditional conservatory would be far too hot for the kids and could even pose a serious health hazard during a heatwave. Our insulated roof keeps the room cool. It’s the perfect space for the little ones to switch between indoor and outdoor play and watch the season’s change.

A festive dining room

We love this photo a customer sent us of them enjoying their conservatory on Christmas day. It can be hard fitting everyone around the table for Christmas dinner. Having the extra space to host and get everyone together to make special memories is a worthwhile investment.

A Bright Home Office

More of us are working from home than ever before – having a space away from the rest of your home can really help you to focus and maintain healthy a work life balance. A CosyRoof drastically reduces sun glare on your devices, making it possible to utilize your conservatory this way.

Cosy cinema room

A CosyRoof has made this customers conservatory cosy so that they can enjoy it as a comfy movie room on rainy days and cooler evenings. Not only does the CosyRoof keep the temperature pleasant and reduce the sun glare on screens, but it also reduces rain noise so that you can actually hear the TV!

An open plan modern living space

Getting a CosyRoof has allowed this customer to open up their living space. Before this would have caused a huge draft into their home and drove up energy bills. Now it’s a modern space still bright and airy but also perfectly cosy. They’ve had skylights fitted into their CosyRoof to maximise the light and a log burner fitted to add to the cosy vibes. If you’d like a burner installed into your CosyRoof we can work together to make this happen.

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