Is Your Conservatory Too Cold In Winter?

Is your conservatory too cold in winter

Is your conservatory too cold in winter?

The kids are back at school, the clocks are going back and we have all noticed the tins of sweets on our supermarket shelves for Christmas. Winter is here folks!

For most, winter means open fires, mugs of hot tea and escaping the elements somewhere warm and cosy. However for those homeowners with conservatories, when the winter chill arrives, they are faced with the disappointing and frustrating task of abandoning their beloved conservatories and putting them into hibernation until the spring.

However, with a CosyRoof conservatory roof conversion, our thermal insulation system makes it possible to retain the heat in your conservatory which would otherwise escape through the glass roof. Rather than pump you’re hard earned money into heating a conservatory with a glass roof, invest in a long term solution that will enable fuel efficiency and give you a comfortable living space all year round.

In just 2-3 days, our specialist CosyRoof team can convert your conservatory roof to a solid, tiled roof, leaving your walls, windows and doors undisturbed and leaving you with a warm, snug space in your home in which you can enjoy the festive months with family and friends.

It could not be any easier!

When it comes to your conservatory this winter you should also take the following into consideration when it comes to keeping your conservatory warm:


Unfortunately, glass is never going to be great insulator but double or triple glazed windows in your conservatory will certainly make a huge difference. It’s important to bear in mind that as the majority of conservatories are made mostly of glass, this is where the majority of heat is lost and it is therefore worthwhile to give this a thought.

Draught Proofing

A draught proofed door and blocking off any other draughty areas in your conservatory will help retain the heat in this space. There are many tools and gadgets on the market to help draught proof your conservatory such as this PVC Covering Self Adhesive Draught Excluder from B&Q.

Curtains and Blinds

Apart from making your conservatory look the part, curtains and blinds can be useful in both attracting and retaining heat for your conservatory. During the day, if the sun is out, it is advisable to open your blinds or curtains to let the light into the room. When the sun has gone, by closing the blinds or curtains, you can retain the heat as it will not escape through the glass.


Even though most heat rises and will leave your conservatory through the glass, sometimes heat can be lost through the floor as well. If you’re like me and walk around the house with no shoes on, if the floor is cold then your conservatory is going to feel even colder than it actually is. It can be as simple as adding a rug or some carpet or even adding an insulation layer with your underlay.

So, there are options out there. You do not have to suffer another winter with a cold, underutilised and wasted conservatory space. Instead, you could be spending the festive season in a fully insulated, warm and cosy room to enjoy with family and friends.

The benefits of a CosyRoof conversion in terms of longevity, thermal insulation, fast installation time and more importantly giving you the opportunity to get the best value from your conservatory will give you piece of mind.

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