Is Your Conservatory Too Hot In Summer?

Is your conservatory too hot in summer

The garden is in full bloom, the kids are off school and the sun is shining. Where else would you be enjoying the good weather other than in your conservatory right? That extension of your home that brings the outside in, where you can entertain friends or let the kids enjoy the light airy space. The reality is that we hear all too often that this promise falls short and your conservatory is too hot in summer making it feel more like a greenhouse a conservatory for you to enjoy.

Consequently, so many conservatory owners under utilise their conservatory space and simply do not get the value from it. Suddenly all the advantages of building the conservatory seem to be outweighed by the fact that climate control is prohibiting you from enjoying your extra living space.

So, if you’re conservatory is too hot in summer, our CosyRoof system is a fantastic lightweight solution that will regulate the temperature of your conservatory to ensure it’s a pleasant temperature whatever the season. In addition to reducing the temperature of your conservatory during the summer, a CosyRoof’s tiled conservatory roof removes all rain noise and significantly reduces sun glare meaning there is no need to install conservatory blinds. Our tiled roof system is so energy efficient that it qualifies for reduced VAT of just 5%.

Converting your conservatory roof to a CosyRoof will enable you to transform your interior. The plastered, fully insulated ceiling will make this room feel like an extension of your home, suitable for all occasions either for all the family or for a more relaxing environment in the garden just for you.

The longevity and versatility of a CosyRoof means that you could even use your conservatory to expand existing living areas e.g. kitchen or dining room, we want our solution to adapt seamlessly to your life, whatever your needs both now and in the future.

So, if you are tired of admiring your conservatory from your living room because it is too hot in summer, transform it with a CosyRoof into an extended living space that will be suitable all year round, sunshine, rain, hail or snow!