Make Conservatory Warmer - How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer

How to make your conservatory warmer

It’s safe to say we ended 2018 on a mild weather note and while a wintery cold snap hasn’t hit just yet, the months of January, February and March are notoriously chilly with some of the lowest air temperatures bringing snow, frost and ice across the UK. But worry not, there is still time to weather proof and warm up your conservatory this winter.

It’s no secret that traditional conservatories with glass, double glazed PVC windows or polycarbonate roofs are not easy to heat in winter, making them an often-unused room in the home for many months on end. But did you know that making one simple change within your conservatory can create a comfortable year-round climate? Meaning your living space is not neglected and can be enjoyed in any season.

The easiest win to a warmer conservatory. An insulated roof.

Herein lies the main source of the problem when it comes to conservatory heating. Traditional polycarbonate roofs are the culprit for cold conservatories due to their lack of insulating properties. Heat loss is rapid and hard to control, despite our best attempts in adding glass or whacking the thermostat up!

The best way to keep the temperature in a conservatory warm in winter and moderate in summer, is to have a well-insulated, lightweight tiled roof installed. CosyRoof provide made to measure insulated roofing solutions for all conservatory types and happy customers are now cosy on even the coldest of days. Depending on the size of your conservatory, most roofs can be converted to a CosyRoof within 2-3 days.

How does it work?

Glass, PVC windows and polycarbonate roofs used in traditional conservatories quite simply do not have the same thickness and insulating properties or materials as used in cavity walls and loft spaces. Meaning outside temperatures quickly impact the inside climate of your conservatory, which is typically why you’ll find this space cold on cold days and warm on warm days.

Heat generated from within the conservatory is also quickly lost as it cannot be retained be the thin layers of glass or plastic - which is why heating this part of your home is expensive and non-energy efficient. A quick change to a CosyRoof conservatory roof can significantly improve how your conservatory retains heat by reducing its ability to escape.

A CosyRoof conservatory roof is comprised of 3 main layers to include a tiled exterior, insulated core and internal plasterboard, all fitted as standard. High performance materials tested and approved by structural engineers are used in a CosyRoof conservatory roof system and with a 10 year guarantee, you can be rest assured your investment will stand the test of time through all weathers. With a range of styles and colour options to choose from you can personalise this stylish but most importantly practical update to your conservatory roof. View our wide range of conservatory roof tiles which you can choose from.

Request a free quote online now and take the first step towards making your conservatory warmer today.