Roof Insulation v Roof Conversion

Roof insulation v roof conversion cover

When you invested in a conservatory, you probably envisaged a space where you could escape the elements outside, cosy up with a nice cup of tea or a book and embrace the warmth and peace and quiet your new room offered – but over time, you’ve discovered there is nothing cosy about your conservatory.

You have 2 options: insulate your conservatory roof or convert your conservatory roof.

But before you make a decision, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of conservatory roof insulation and conservatory roof conversion to ensure you’re making the right investment and fixing the problem at hand. As conservatory climate control specialists, we know exactly what we’d be advising you to do but let us give you the pros and cons for each option and enable you to make an informed decision yourself.

Roof Insulation Pros

  • Cheaper than a roof conversion
  • Only a short term fix

Roof Insulation Cons

  • Can cause other issues (e.g. leaking)
  • Climate control issues eliminated

Roof Conversion Pros

  • Better aesthetics
  • Long term investment for your home
  • Completed within 3 days
  • Allows for greater design options
  • Could contribute to reduced heating bills
  • More expensive than roof insulation

Roof Conversion Cons

Adding multi-layered insulation to your conservatory roof is a quick fix but it still doesn’t ensure your conservatory will be warm in winter and cool in the summer as heat and cold transfer through glass will still occur. Insulation also increases the chance of condensation occurring between the glass and insulation sheets, which can lead to leaks. So whilst insulation may be the cheaper option now, it does come with the risk of increased costs further down the line.

The long term (best) option is to opt for a conservatory roof conversion. A conservatory roof conversion allows you to keep your existing walls, doors and windows but add a lightweight roofing system that will transform your conservatory into a usable room, all year round.

So if you’re considering making changes to your conservatory, choose the right choice; choose CosyRoof!