Seven Simple Steps - Save energy at home this Christmas

7 simple steps to save energy this christmas

Christmas is such an expensive time of year, social outings, presents, and the big Christmas food shop – it all adds up! On top of that the dark nights mean we spend more time indoors with our lights, TVs and heating on.

Saving energy often just takes a little extra thought and planning. Take a look at our 7 simple steps to an eco-friendly Christmas:

1. Considerate Cooking – Put the lids on pots so your food takes less time to cook, use the microwave for smaller jobs, and fill up your oven space by cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

2. Ambient lighting – LED lights use up to 90% less energy than regular lights, fibre optics use even less, and candles use nothing at all! Enjoy these festive lights and turn off the main lights.

3. Block out the drafts - Close the curtains once it’s dark, insert a chimney balloon, insulate pipes and anywhere else that leaks air into your home. Heat rises, avoid it escaping through your roof by insulating your roof space.

4. Fill up the fridge – Your fridge has to work harder to stay cool if there’s less in it. Plan out your meals and stock it up. It’ll also save you from having to nip to the shop mid-week, avoiding temptation to buy more while you’re there.

5. Make the most of your radiators – Bleed your radiators to get them working as efficiently as possible and make sure your furniture isn’t blocking the heat from them.

6. Shutdown standby – leaving devices such as TVs, games consoles and laptops on standby eats up your energy every day. Turn your devices off properly and you’ll save in the long-run.

7. Benefit from body heat – Turn down the heating when guests are round, the extra bodies will heat things up and if you are treating your guests to dinner the oven will heat the place up too.

These simple tricks could help you save some money this Christmas and going forward. Don’t forget our CosyRoof conservatory roofs are so energy efficient they qualify for reduced VAT. Get a quote now.