Will I Lose Light In My Conservatory With A Solid Roof?

When we first talk to customers about having a CosyRoof fitted, one of the most common questions we get asked is about loss of light.

“Will I lose natural light with a tiled conservatory roof?”

“Will my conservatory be much darker without a glass/transparent ceiling.”

And if you’ve landed on this blog post, there’s a good chance that you’re pondering the same question too.

Without seeing your conservatory first hand, it’s almost impossible for us to confidently and accurately determine whether you will lose light with a solid conservatory roof. It depends on many factors, such as the size and shape of your conservatory as well as its placement and positioning.

Generally, in most cases the answer is no – you won’t lose light and, if you do, it won’t be noticeable. From our experience, customers only lose at most 5% light and this can be compensated by using light reflective paint on the inside of the roof, making it just as bright as ever.

How to make your conservatory brighter

If you are worried about losing light in your conservatory with a solid roof, there are some things you can do to ensure that the room is still as bright as it can possibly be.

Spot lights and roof windows

If your conservatory does become noticeably darker, you can introduce roof windows and spot lights to increase light sources.

Bright furniture

Regardless of whether your conservatory loses light or not, we always recommend having light furniture and décor in your conservatory as it will make it seem brighter and more spacious. Choose light colours when it comes to the walls, floors, curtains and large furnishings such as sofas or tables.


Increasing the amount of reflective surfaces will also stop your conservatory from seeming so dark. If you have the opportunity, large mirrors or glass tables can help the light bounce around the room.

Lighting and light décor

Even if your new solid conservatory roof doesn’t impact the brightness, it’s still a good idea to install lighting in the room to ensure that it’s still comfortable and habitable during the winter and when it gets dark in the spring and summer nights are early autumn evenings

Reduced sun glare

One of the greatest benefits of switching to a solid CosyRoof conservatory roof is the significant reduction of sun glare, increased insulation and better ventilation – making it a comfortable all year round.

If your conservatory is always freezing in the winter and like a blinding greenhouse in the summer, converting to a lightweight but solid tiled conservatory roof is the answer.

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