About Cosy Roof

Where are CosyRoof based?

We have teams of surveyors and installers across the UK and Ireland, so whatever your location we will always have a company representative close at hand.

How can I find my a local CosyRoof installer?

To find your nearest CosyRoof installer simply contact us online or call us and a member of our customer care team will be happy to assist you.

What is a solid conservatory roof made of?

Every solid conservatory roof installed by Cosyroof uses lightweight aluminium tiles, rockwool insulation, insulating board, timber frame and plasterboard.

What does the inside finish look like?

The inside of your new conservatory roof will be a smooth plasterboard finish, ready for painting (once dry) to match the rest of your room and home. Check out the internal finish pictures in our photo gallery.

When will the ceiling be ready to decorate?

We recommend that you leave the plaster to dry for approximately 4-6 days and if possible leave the conservatory windows open for the duration of this time.