Features & Benefits

Will my conservatory lose light with a solid roof?

A common misconception is that replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof will reduce light, however typically there is only a 5% reduction in natural light. Some customers prefer to have windows installed in their new solid roof or additional ceiling lighting.

Will a CosyRoof make my conservatory warmer in the winter?

Yes! As part of your conservatory roof conversion, CosyRoof will install rockwool and board insulation which helps retain heat and maintain a comfortable temperature during colder months.

Will a CosyRoof make my conservatory cooler in the summer?

Yes! By creating shade from direct sunlight a solid roof will keep your conservatory cool during warm weather as well as reducing glare.

Can you install a Velux window?

Some customers prefer to maintain as much natural light as possible and choose to install Velux windows in their new solid conservatory roof. CosyRoof can provide Velux windows for your conservatory roof in a range of different size options.